Act II: Tough Choices

Two sires found, an old cruel master saved, and the sacrifice of an innocent prevented despite the age old wrongs it might have revenged. The campaign is finally over, and the party made the moral hard choices in the moment, and chose the current good over the future or past possibilities of justice or power.

Thanks to everyone who played in this game. I had a great time with it (despite some difficulties). While I would not run a cross WoD game again by choice, we managed to make it work fairly well.

Campaign is Complete, for now…

Act I: Rumbles on the Horizon

2008 8 5.twinkleLighting flashes, bathing Austin in light momentarily, shedding light where no light normally shines. Rain soaks the city’s darkened streets, washing away evidence of many sins. A soft ticking marks the heartbeat of the city, pulsing over and over as the moment of awaken moves ever closer, looming in the distance of time.

Something is stirring in Austin, TX, and its pending awaken seems to have the city on edge. It started as a trickle of strange events that only the most learned of its denizens could detect. The trickle widened into the mortal realm, as neighbors began to attacking neighbors over minor incidents.

No mere mortal danger, this new force goes beyond the mortal realm into the Outer Realms. In Shadow, the spirits are restless like the mortals, at each other constantly. The Hedge is also responding to the change, becoming darker and furtive as some darker force bleeds through to it. Mages report that each of the realms seem to be similarly affected.

In the midst of all of this a group of bizarre strangers find themselves drawn together by a mortal, one whose tactics are always suspect.

A vampire… ages old, searching for a sire that she believes is the key to her progressing back toward humanity.

A changeling… a curious being, curious of his place, seeking to embrace his fae side.

A werewolf… fighting to protect the worlds from themselves, spirit and real world.

A pair of mages… linked by circumstance and action.

A strange symbol linked to blood and magic, powerful and ancient, unlocking spirits that should never see the real world.

Will they stand together against the growing darkness, or embrace it as part of their supernatural heritage?

Austin: World of Darkness

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