Austin: World of Darkness

Act I Part 4: Strengthen the Bond

Kiersat bumped into Asher at Elysium. Erica managed to keep them from fighting, and Asher left. Kiesat was advised to gather strength and allies for what lay ahead. A few weeks later, Erica called to tell Kiersat that something was going down at the TARL, and Asher was behind it.

Act I Part 3: The Pain of Banishment

Jane took her leave, as did Kiersat, taking the journal with her. Michael and Jake, returned to Michael’s apartment and recovered from the drain of the carnival.

Act I Part 2: Visit to the Carnival

Paul spent the session being carted to the hospital and recovering from the fight with Martin Schnell. Apparently, Death magic is nasty stuff.

Act I Part 1: Party at the Monarch

Note: Joshua Moulder, Kenneth Garnet, and Hugh Miller have all been replaced as PCs by “Calliope” Jane Stagg, Michael Colvin, and Grey Jake. Their preludes were all done separately and are generally covered on their character pages.


Joshua Moulder was on his latest case. He was looking for a car that he has a repo order on. He finally found his mark, and followed him. Checking the area, he realized he was being watched. Black Shadow had been stalking Josh for some time, having sensed his change coming. Josh confronted him, but eventually Shadow walked off and used a Gift to turn to shadow and slip under a doorway. It was then that the owner of the car that Josh was trying to repo came around the corner, with a shotgun in hand. A quick firefight ensued, but Josh soon fell victim to his first change and a death rage.


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