Austin: World of Darkness

Act I Part 4: Strengthen the Bond

Kiersat bumped into Asher at Elysium. Erica managed to keep them from fighting, and Asher left. Kiesat was advised to gather strength and allies for what lay ahead. A few weeks later, Erica called to tell Kiersat that something was going down at the TARL, and Asher was behind it.

Paul found the Locus unguarded, his pack missing, and blood everywhere.

Michael and Jake encountered an Acamoth in Michael’s dreamscape. Michael agreed to the things demands eventually and went on a soul wrenching journey into the darkest nightmares the Acamoth could conjure.

Kiersat and Paul both called on Michael for aid, he brought along Jake and Vykin.

They all met up at the TARL and went inside. Nest jelly covered many of the stairwell doors and elevator controls. They met up with a Death Spirit and convinced it not to consume an injured acolyte. At the vault they encountered a Ridden (who later revealed itself to be the Gluttony spirit from the Monarch) and Brindal (who invoked Asher’s name during the conflict).

The fight was a difficult one, with a degenerated Michael throwing himself into his casting to the point of collapse. No one else was seriously injured. When the ridden was killed, the gluttony spirit manifested, and between his growth and Michaels paradox the vault began to come apart. The party defeated the spirit, and the death spirit ate it’s remains.

Coleson and strike team showed up, and escorted the party out, then Coleson popped a ‘sinkhole maker’ and dusted off in a blackhawk.




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