Austin: World of Darkness

Act I Part 2: Visit to the Carnival

Paul spent the session being carted to the hospital and recovering from the fight with Martin Schnell. Apparently, Death magic is nasty stuff.

The party talked briefly with Coleson on the phone. He told them to get out of the Monarch building, as the police were responding to shots fired.

They bound Martin and put him in the trunk of Michael’s car. Then they took Paulto the Hospital. Coleson told them to ask for a Dr. Everston. She turned out to be Kindred.

They then went their separate ways, except for Michael and Jake, who took Martin back to Michael’s place. One pledge later, Martin was released. He was given back his grimoire as part of the deal.

Later the group received an invitation to meet Allesandro, and there they also met Kiersat. Allesandro was generous with rewards for saving the Monarch building. Kiersat was going to investigate a carnival, and it turns out the symbol that interests her is also very similar to the one Michael copied down in the Monarch building.

The party went with Kiersat (or she with them?) to the old carnival site, and found that four carnies still lived there. The head one was Samuel Brindal, a Gangrel. Eventually a fight broke out, but only Brindal’s ghouls took the worst of it. Brindal finally parlayed a bit and they found out he and his brother had copied the symbol from an old book. The party bargained the book for some blood. Kiersat, Jake, and Michael all gave for the cause. They left Brindal once he turned over the book, told to never come back to the old carnival site.

Also see Jake’s version of this story.



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