Austin: World of Darkness

Act I Part 3: The Pain of Banishment

Jane took her leave, as did Kiersat, taking the journal with her. Michael and Jake, returned to Michael’s apartment and recovered from the drain of the carnival.

Later the next week, Martin asked Michael to do something for the Mysterium. He needed to investigate the purchase of a bunch of items by (what was thought at the time) to be a Sleeper. A Silver Ladder representative from out of town (named Vykin) would accompany him, as it was not a Mysterium job, but a Consilium job.

The old man was a Banisher though, much to everyone’s chagrin. He had been destroying artifacts as he bought them. A fight ensued, and the Banisher hurt Jake bad, but Michael took his revenge, ending the Banisher’s existence. His body was dumped in the Hedge, and Michael torched the house.

Recovered and turned over to the Consilium were 3 soul stones, a torn grimoire, and an unidentified last item to be shipped. The Hierach said he would have its shipping routed to him.



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