Austin: World of Darkness

Act I Part 1: Party at the Monarch

Note: Joshua Moulder, Kenneth Garnet, and Hugh Miller have all been replaced as PCs by “Calliope” Jane Stagg, Michael Colvin, and Grey Jake. Their preludes were all done separately and are generally covered on their character pages.

Paul is working on a customers car in the 6th St parking garage. He finishes up and the customer hands him a phone saying, “Hey you dropped your phone.” After the customer leaves, Paul gets a call on the phone from Agent Coleson. Through the conversation (which goes on through several calls) Coleson attempts to bait Paul into coming after him. Eventually he does.

Jane is investigating dissappearing homeless when she meets Agent Brett Coleson for the first time. He gives her a card and offers her a cell phone. She refuses the phone and takes the card. Later while walking along, she passes a ringing pay phone, then another one. She finally picks it up. Coleson is on the other end and asks her to look into something going on at the Monarch Building at the corner of 5th and West. She eventually heads that way.

Jake stumbles on some graffiti that is affected by the mask. It points him to an abandoned hollow. Inside he finds a cell phone with only one contact and one message that says, “Call me.” It is from Coleson. She eventually calls him and he urges her to come to the Monarch Building as well.

Michael goes looking for his missing mentor, Martin Schnell. Schnell did not show up for work, and when Michael goes in to check on him, his place is trashed, with several artifacts missing. He finds a cell phone, powered by an atlantean runestone of some sort. He powers it up with mana and finds it only has one contact, Agent Brett Coleson. He calls Coleson, who tells him he has Martin and if he wants him, he is going to have to come to the Monarch Building.

The four arrive at the Monarch to discover there is a party going on in the penthouse. Jake fashions a fake invitation and they go in together.

During the lobby discussions and the elevator ride up, the four introduce themselves and it becomes obvious by those with special site powers that they are all different and all supernatural in nature. Jane says as much and the group generally seems to come to an understanding that they are here for a greater good, and not worried about what each other are.

The party upstairs is hoppin’ and everyone is drinking a glowing blue cocktail which seems to be robbing them of their will to do anything but dance and party. The group quickly leaves, heading down one floor. The find it with a massive rune inscribed in blood, and ten C-4 bombs.

When they turn to leave, the two servers from upstairs show up with pistols in hand. Jane pops claws and attacks, while Paul shifts to Garou form. Michael and Jake stay out of the way, and the fight is over before it started, mostly due to Lunacy kicking in from Paul’s shift. Michael disarms the bombs with Jake’s help while Jane talks Paul down from killing the goon that shot him. The other goon flees for his life, dropping his gun.

The group regroups, while Michael copies down the blood inscribed rune. It makes his head swim a bit and he can hear chanting for a moment. His familiar asks him what the ‘f’ he just did. Paul feels a ripple in the spirit world, and tells Michael not to do whatever he just did again.

They call 911 (and Jane destroys Jake’s cell phone), after getting out of the building, from one of the cell phones Coleson provided. Then they notice that two goons are loading what looks like a body in to the building in an out of the way side entrance. They move over to confront them and fight breaks out. One of the goons is armed with a knife, but the other has a MP5! There is also a goon in the parked van they were unloading the body from, but they didn’t see him to start with. It is a short fight, and the group quickly moves inside to find a service elevator down to the floor below. They interrogated one of the goons first, and he claimed he was just paid to deliver homeless people, dead, and that he doesn’t know or care what is being done with them.

They went downstairs and met up with a Gluttony spirit manifested, butchering dead bodies and eating the flesh, saving the bones. After defeating it they found that in the next room the bones were used to make the blue drink being served upstairs. They also discovered the computer that was going to be used to detonate all the bombs. They took it.

Eventually they made their way beneath the basement to a hidden area where they found Martin and two more goons packing up to leave. They confronted them (that is when Michael discovered it was Martin) and defeated them.

As they caught their breath, Michael and Paul’s cell phones both rang at the same time.



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