Austin: World of Darkness


Joshua Moulder was on his latest case. He was looking for a car that he has a repo order on. He finally found his mark, and followed him. Checking the area, he realized he was being watched. Black Shadow had been stalking Josh for some time, having sensed his change coming. Josh confronted him, but eventually Shadow walked off and used a Gift to turn to shadow and slip under a doorway. It was then that the owner of the car that Josh was trying to repo came around the corner, with a shotgun in hand. A quick firefight ensued, but Josh soon fell victim to his first change and a death rage.

Paul Medeires was working on a car that was just not cooperating, when a random guy walked up (Bloodhound). After a short conversation, the guy walked off. The owner of the car came out and got mad that the car was not done, and kicked the car a few times, almost knocking it onto Paul! Paul got REALLY mad, first change mad. Whoops.

Kenneth Garnet had been seeing strange things, so he decided to head to psychiatrist. Dr. Shrink (heh) sent him to see a therapist, unfortunately the therapist was not in and instead he saw a substitute therapist (Agent Brett Coleson). He asked him to see him later in a mental hospital (he was just working there that day). He assured Ken that it was nothing big. When Ken got there the next day, he was seen into a room where Coleson came in, listened to his story and then told him he was going to sedate him for a hypnotherapy session. Of course it was just a massive tranquilizer. Nighty-night.

Hugh “Konundrum” Miller was hacking away one night, when he got a knock on the door. It was Agent Brett Coleson. He told Konondrum that he had a job for him. When Konundrum’s back was turned, Coleson pulled out his tranq gun and shot him several times. Hugh tried to fight back, but eventually the tranquilizer did him in. Nighty-night.

Josh came to, only to find himself and the alley covered in gore. Black Shadow came to him and offered to help him through what he is going through, and to take him to someone who could explain things a bit better.

Paul came to, in a small park, covered in blood, his clothing shredded. Bloodhound came to him and offered to take him to someone who could help him, and explained a little of what was going on.

Hugh woke up several hundred feet up, tied to a radio tower. Agent Coleson was there. He tortured Hugh until Hugh started to go through his first change, then tranq’ed him again.

Ken woke up in the mental institute, a nurse came into inject more sedatives and a vampire slipped out of the shadows to feed on her. He taunted Ken a bit then tasted his blood to see what he was. He was intrigued but said the sedatives would make his blood tainted, so he left him alone. The nurse woke up and called in a bunch of orderlies when Ken started to break free from his bonds.

Josh and Paul met Whispering Wind at her shop, brought there by Bloodhound and Black Shadow. She told them that they needed to rescue two other recently changed from the hands of Valkyrie, and that after that she would tell them all what was going on. They accepted.

Ken woke up but played asleep when Valkyrie agents came to load him into a van with Hugh. Josh and Paul attacked the van in route, and Ken and Hugh both went into garu (Hugh going into Death Rage). Agent Coleson was captured, the driver was incapacitated, and the pack bond started to form. They were all brought back to Whispering Wind’s shop to collect their thoughts and figure out what to do next.

Coming next time: Prelude Part 2, Gifts, Territory, and Totem

The pack is told of some territory that is probably open, and given the chance to find a pack totem. In addition, their mentors will be teaching them how to interact with the spirits (establishing their initial gifts). Perhaps even a few gifts are given before the pack is let loose on its own (starting fetishes and rites).



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