Asher's Journal

This book was provided to the party by Brindal. He said his brother had found it. It appears to be a bundle of hand typed documents, written in journal style. Many of the pages are missing, but scrawled on the inside cover are the words: “Property of Asher, return or else”. Many of the pages are very mundane, but there are enough references to the Hunger, Kindred, and other Kindred specific topics that it is obvious that this Asher person is or was a Kindred.

Aug 15th, 1957
I am not sure how long I can stay awake. The weeriness is deep into my bones now. I know that sleep will come within the next few months. Hopefully this time it will not be for as long. I’ve considered embracing someone just for the purpose of draining them when the time comes, but the process is too labor intensive. They have to feed and be groomed far too long, to be worth my time. I can spend what time I have left trying to research the lost bloodline further instead. If I can find enough, maybe I can confirm the legends of these ‘mage-vampires’.

Sep 1st, 1953
I just got word that Kiersat is in the US, and looking for me. Probably wants to repay me for the nice long sleep she had. I’ll have to be careful, perhaps I’ll go find her and drain her dry again. Another few decades in Torpor might snap her out of this search for me and answers. If she had any clue what I was up to though, I’d have to destroy her rather than risk her telling others of my findings.

Dec 25th, 1953
Kiersat has been neutralized once more. Sleep well my childe. She did not remember half of our time together. Torpor was not kind to her memory. Maybe next time she will awake remembering even less. Still, I can be thankful that she has not interrupted any of my plans, nor learned of my true intent.

May 24th, 1954
I went back to Austin, unable to find any leads on the pledgecrafters or the mages, this is getting old.


Feb 18th, 1964
I found a book written by oan Austin mage. He claims to be one of the soul stealers, these so called vampire-mages. Their history is directly linked to the gem. The group he is with even took the ancient one’s symbol as their local symbol. One of their safe houses even has it carved in the cornerstone. Its cleverly hidden in the fresco, but there it is plain as day. You can even see it from the Texas Capital Building! It sure is brazen. Perhaps I like these people. Not sure if they will have anything to tell me, but I’m going to find out.

Mar 25th, 1964
So much to tell, but right now, I need to keep things moving. I will relate my time with the Awakened in more detail soon, but right now I still need to understand it all. Have to find a fae and see what kind of information about their kind I can bleed out of him. If the betrayal really happened as the book seems to infer, getting to know them will be very important.


June 12th, 1971
Finally starting to understand court politics. Only took torturing five different fae before I got enough information. Now all I need to do is

The book ends there. The last 20 or so pages have been torn from the book.

Asher's Journal

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