Hollow of Grey Jake

What Jake wants it to look like some day.

Jake’s little spot in the hedge (and the place where he spends much of his time) is a few little rooms that look like they come out of a Victorian Era home. Rather than seeming like a complete dwelling in and of itself, it looks like someone took rooms piecemeal and threw them together. Though a bit sparse at the moment, Jake is always putting up drapes, or re-paneling walls, or adding small trimmings to make it seem more homey.

In addition to its wooden entry and exit doors, there are a number of interior doorways that currently lead nowhere. Recently, when Jake opened one, he found that it now leads to a guest room and second bathroom, and the small studio kitchen seems to have become larger, with a separate formal dining area. Additionally, one of the doors in the spare bedroom seems to lead to the apartment of a certain Mage (rumor has it that there might be a key to this door).

This hollow’s original door into the mortal world is unfortunate in its placement, as Jake was foolish enough to place it inside the apartment building in which he first lived when he escaped Arcadia (the entrance is a small storage closet door underneath the back stairwell). While his less honest skills still allow him access to the apartment building, his frequent visits make its current residents a touch nervous.

On the side of the hedge, Jake’s hollow appears to be up in a large tree. While the tree’s normally dense foliage provides some amount of camouflage, someone searching carefully would be able to see the corners of what appear to be a haphazard set of rooms can be seen poking from the leaves. Getting up and down is typically accomplished by means of a rope ladder that raises and lowers itself (probably by some command or another).

  • Size: 2
  • Amenities: 1
  • Doors: 1
  • Wards: 1

Hollow of Grey Jake

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