Journal of Grey Jake 2010-08-15

So much has happened, I’m not sure where to begin! Some of it’s good, and some of it not so much.

I think I’m mostly over what happened in June. I am what I am, and life is too short to obsess about it, so if people have a problem with what I did, they can say it to my face. Good. The end.

I’m worried about Michael, though; something happened the other night while he was sleeping. As per our formal agreement I can’t really say what I saw, other than that there was an intruder to his personal space. At least, I think I can say that. I guess if anyone ever reads this and I start losing it, I’ll know it was a no-no. Maybe Michael just needs some time, but I think it would be a good idea to keep an eye on him.

On a related note, I need to figure out how to travel more easily between their dreams. Now that I’m responsible for both of them, I need to make sure I can check on both of them each night. I’ve heard of people in the Autumn Court who know the secret, but my tie to the Austin Freehold isn’t so solid. Apparently the incident with the sculpture didn’t win me any friends (Note: Do not end up in a dark alleyway with Rex).

By the way, both Vikyn and Michael have provided loads of new stuff with which I can decorate my home. I haven’t figured out where any of the keys fit yet, but that’ll keep me entertained for a while. On a related note, I’m getting better at not burning myself on the waffle maker. Technology is great, but dangerous!

But on to more serious things. I guess it was early this morning when Michael got a call from Kiersat. Actually, I answered the phone. Somehow. Anyway, she was upset about something that was going on at an Archaeological center. I’ve yet to figure out why she was there in the first place, but I suppose everyone has their secrets.

Once Vikyn and I got Michael to listen, he grabbed Artemis and we all jumped into his car. Actually, we met Paul on the stairs (coincidence?) who apparently decided to stop by after he found that his whole pack was attacked and had disappeared.

Upon arrival at the site we noticed that among the various buildings were various bodies. Paul noticed that they seemed to have been attacked by something animalistic. His kind, perhaps? Either way, there was no sign of anyone else until we found Kiersat.

The building was a mess. Something gooed all over it, though we didn’t know what that thing was until later. We actually had to chip out the doorway to the stairs. On the second floor, Vikyn stopped. I’m not sure whether he heard something or what, but my senses certainly weren’t good enough to pick up whatever it was. There was someone alive on the other side of the door.

We found out that the man’s name was Bob, though he didn’t seem to be in a state to gossip. Worse, Paul spotted something hovering in the shadows. I’m not sure what it was. A shade of some kind, I think, but it looked about ready to go for poor Bob. Paul looked about ready to convince it to depart by force, but we managed to convince it to let us choose the target of its hunger. It agreed, on the condition that we would do the dirty work.

By that time, Michael had already been down to the bottom floor and back. He was obsessed about something down there (which turned out to be an artifact vault). We hopped in the elevator (Michael had to give it a little juice) on the second floor and took it straight down.

The “basement” was dark. I couldn’t really see a thing, other than the emergency lights in the elevator, but we could all hear something moving in the darkness beyond.

It was at this point that Michael kind of went nuts. I could actually smell his hands burning as bolts of electricity burst forth and struck out at a rather enormous figure inside the opened vault. Energies danced off the both of them, providing a moment of illumination, and then something glorious happened.

I felt it! I could feel it at work, in a contest of wills with Michael. It seems Paradox, like the Wyrd, always gets its due. But listen! I was actually able to get its attention. It glanced my way for just a moment, long enough to listen to my pledge, before going back to work. Now I just need to figure out how to win its favor!

Okay, calm down Jake. Small steps.

By that point, Paul was already toe-to-toe with the thing. It had grown (I could still see from the frequent lightning bolts). Vikyn looked about to charge into the fray when a dark figure stepped out and interfered. It mumbled something about “Asher,” and it was a moment before I recognized the creature as Brindal, from the carnival. At that point, Kiersat stepped in, sword drawn, shielding the mages from Brindal’s attacks.

The best I could do was restrain the guy. The elevator door was kind enough to lend me a hand, but the Vampire was too quick to get a good hold. At that point my attention was drawn away by a massive… something… that caused the whole room to go crazy. Sparks careening off the walls, bolts of electricity flying from place to place. I could sense my new friend at work, reveling in the chaos.

Kiersat had Brindal under control, so I turned my attention to the big guy. He had grown huge, even to the point of disrupting the supports of the building. The others were doing a pretty good job of taking the thing apart (that Werewolf is ferocious, let me tell you), but I couldn’t help but take a swing at it using a couple pieces of the large metal vault door. Just before collapsing, it got a lucky swing in at Michael. You know, I thought that maybe I was beyond caring for mortals at this point, but it really bothered me to see him laying there in a heap on the floor.

After the thing went down, and with Kiersat taking slices at him, Brindal decided to vacate. Apparently his relationship with metal isn’t so good; he held on to Brindal’s wrist something fierce as the Vampire did his disappearing act. I could actually hear the bones in his hand snap as our antagonist melted into the ground.

Of course it wasn’t over. Apparently tonight was the night that all of our past mistakes came back to haunt us. Rather than collapsing to the ground like a good corpse, the monstrosity in the vault started falling apart. We all stared for a moment before we realized that our old friend from the Monarch Building was hiding underneath its flesh. Its appearance was only made more grotesque by the hunks of muscle tissue and blood that still clung to its body.

Fortunately, the transition seemed to leave it a bit vulnerable, and Vikyn, Kiersat and Paul were able to cut it down once more. My thoughts had hardly turned to the matter of keeping it dead when the apparition from the second floor seemed to converge on it and devour whatever was left of its essence.

To my surprise, it kept its end of the bargain and departed. At least, I assume it did. Frankly, I can’t really tell.

Anyway, at that point, the building was none too stable, and we were pretty stuck. The elevator wasn’t working, and the bottom floor doorway was still gunked up, and on top of that Michael was still unconscious. Cue our old friend Coleson. It made sense that he would show up, since it was a night for reunions.

They were nice enough to offer us the use of their rope, and somehow we all managed to get up through the elevator shaft. I’m not sure how Paul did it, carrying Michael all the way, but he seemed to have the easiest time of us all.

At the top, we were given the choice of boarding the big metal flying thing (that Coleson had arrived on), or finding our own way home. I was happy enough not to leave the ground, so we all piled into Michael’s car (he was awake by then) and went home.

As we left, the building collapsed in on itself, a bright flash. I’m not sure if there was something in the building that reacted badly to impact or what, but Michael was not (and is not) happy about this. I’m not quite sure what that place was to him, but clearly its destruction was traumatic. That’s just what he needs right now.

I went to bed. I didn’t even bother patrolling dreams that morning, I was just too tired. Frankly, I’m not really sure what we achieved. We don’t really have any leads other than the name “Asher” (which seems to be familiar to Kiersat), and the missing Werewolves. I don’t know where Martin is, though he was involved last time we fought old fat and globby.

Anyway. I’m going to spend the day redecorating. I have some gifts that haven’t been properly put up yet, and I wouldn’t want to seem rude. Besides, I know exactly where I can put that urn! At first, I was going to put some flowers in it, but come to find out, the thing was already occupied. I doubt whovever it was would want me mixing water with their ashes. And I might end up with Zombie Flowers or something. You just never know in the Hedge.

Journal of Grey Jake 2010-08-15

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