From White Wolf’s Website Mage: The Awakening Intro

By forging mystical paths to realms beyond the material world, the Awakened (known as wizards, sorcerers, and mages) can impose the laws of those higher realms on this world. Doing so, they can shed light on what hides in the World of Darkness and work great wonders tempered only by their wisdom. Yet for all their power and insight, the Awakened are still human, subject to the same failings and shortsightedness all humanity suffers. They must temper their wonders with wisdom, lest the friction between opposing laws of disparate realities cause an uncontrollable Paradox. Nor can they cavalierly expose the secrets their Awakenings reveal to them. Some secrets are hidden from Sleeping humanity for good reasons, and it is only the proud, foolish mage who casts into the light those things best exiled to shadow.

What’s more, a mage does well to keep his pride in check, as pride goeth before a fall. There’s always another mage out there with just a bit more power or who knows just a little more about what’s hidden in the darkness…

Mages and Morality

Morality in Mages is called Wisdom. It represents how grounded they remain while chasing after their awakening.

Wisdom Sin Dice to Resist Loss
10 Using magic to accomplish a task that could be achieved just as well without it. Selfish thoughts. 5
9 Magically coercing another so that he acts against his own free will (he does not want to perform the actions the magic makes him do). Minor selfish act (with holding charity). 5
8 Magically coercing another so that he violates his own moral code (i.e., he is forced to make a degeneration roll). Injury to another (accidental or other- wise). 4
7 Laying a curse on someone. Petty theft (shoplifting). 4
6 Forcibly binding an unwilling sentient being or spirit to a place (such as through Mind or Spirit magic) or task (such as casting a Fate geas upon a subject). Grand theft (burglary). 3
5 Magically transforming a person into a lesser being (turning a man into a pig) against his will. Intentional, mass prop- erty damage (arson). 3
4 Using magic to harm someone. Draining another’s Mana against his will. Creating a soul stone (and hence, limiting one’s Gnosis potential). Impassioned crime (manslaughter). 3
3 Forcefully abducting and/or exiling another person (mage or Sleeper) into the Shadow Realm, or causing her to become possessed by a spirit against her will. Planned crime without using magic (murder). 2
2 Intentionally preventing an Awakening. Using magic to murder someone. Casual/ callous crime (serial murder). 2
1 Stealing a soul. Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder). 2


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