From White Wolf’s Website Werewolf: The Forsaken Intro

Neither wholly spirit nor flesh, the Uratha (as werewolves call themselves in their ancient language) are creatures of two worlds. Since the beginning of time, they have tended the Shadow Realm while staking out territory in the physical world and ruling it as the ultimate apex predators. Yet for the sacrifice of their ailing forebear, the Uratha have been forsaken by their former spirit allies and consigned to a physical world that knows only fear. Now they can rely only on each other, their mother Luna, and what few spirit allies they’ve managed to wrestle back into submission. They must stand on the threshold between two worlds swarming with enemies.

Despite their outcast state, the werewolves are not helpless prey. They can assume any of five natural forms, each with its own special advantages. They can heal even the most grievous injuries in seconds. The allies they have regained in the Shadow Realm have given them special Gifts and taught them special rites, each with profound magical effects. Their fickle mother Luna has graced them with her love and divided their slain father’s legacy between them, each portion corresponding to one of the moon’s five phases. And when their spirit prey tries to escape into the Shadow Realm, they can even pursue it across the Gauntlet that stands between the sundered worlds. As long as the Uratha can keep the disparate urges of their divided souls in harmony (balancing spirit and flesh while also balancing beast and man), they stand to inherit the mantle to which they were born.

Prometheans and Morality

Morality in Prometheans is called Humanity. It represents how close to human they have become.

Humanity Sin Dice to Resist Loss
10 Not shapeshifting for more than three days. 5
9 Not obtaining your own food; carrying a silver weapon. 5
8 Disrespect to a spirit or elder Uratha. 4
7 Spending too much time alone; significantly violating a tribal vow. 4
6 Mating with other Uratha; slaying a human or wolf needlessly. 3
5 Slaying a werewolf in the heat of battle. 3
4 Revealing the existence of werewolves to a human; using a silver weapon against another werewolf. 3
3 Torturing enemies/prey; murdering a werewolf. 2
2 Hunting humans or wolves for food. 2
1 Betrayal of pack; hunting werewolves for food. 2


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